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The Voice Kids Audition (bangalore)

The Voice Kids Audition (bangalore) going to happen tomorrow .. interested Parents read further .. or forward to whom it may require .. .. #YourWallTwinklingCube #theVoiceKids #bangalore #India #6to14years

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It's Your Group (mandatory proof : email id) SUBMIT & SHARE to inspire others your art / Craft / photography / MUSIC work ( 3.5 years to 109 years, more focused will be given to Kids and teens). or Get Inspired to make your mark who can join >> 1. Kids and Teens (will be more focused) 2. 3.5 years to 109 years (anyone) 3. Any Parents / Teacher / Coordinator are welcome to join 'Yourwall-TwinklingCube' group but post only which can relate Kids & Teens work.
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don't predict from pics & habit of the kids .. help them to make their effort more worth with HDFC Life ( HDFC Bank )
#young_Indian_generation #Dedication_Can_Change
Being #YoungandResponsible
We explored the gap between how today’s young generation is popularly perceived and how they really are. We invited a few people with life experience to expr...
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preparation time with Doctors
... a musical event by the doctors, for the doctors
happening today.
Entry by invitation, if like to join as viewers call on given no.
#Doctors #bangalore #karnataka
Usmile Tc
Usmile Tc2017/09/18 @ 11:53
so swwt, must see
Usmile Tc
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Usmile Tc
lovly duet dance with contemporary mix... #DuetDance #classicalMIX #Mukti_Mohan #Kumar_sharma
YourWall.TwinklingCube2017/09/13 @ 11:31

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Performance art event by the doctors
Entry by invitation only. If looking for entry, kindly contact us on given contact no. On page
YourWall.TwinklingCube2017/09/18 @ 11:36
lovly duet dance with contemporary mix...
#DuetDance #classicalMIX #Mukti_Mohan #Kumar_sharma
Kathak | Amor Raqs Feat. Mukti Mohan and Kumar Sharma
Amor Raqs - KATHAK VIDEO Amor means əˈmʊə/ a love affair or lover. Raqs means This is the Arabic word for "the act of dancing". Through Amor Raqs we present ...
YourWall.TwinklingCube2017/09/07 @ 12:32
@Hey if u know any M/F s who know basic dance and interested in taking a part of an event (flashmob) plz do lemme kno,,,,at Mysore on Friday ( 08/09/2017 ) travel food t shirts will be taken care for more details contact ( see photo ) #flash_mob #dance #Mysore
YourWall.TwinklingCube is with D Yeshodha Raju.2017/08/31 @ 19:26
Hi friends, my daughter Pranathi Raju's Kuchipudi solo performance @ Nayana Sabhangana on Sep. 2nd @ 3 pm. Your presence will encourage her. With D Yeshodha Raju
#classical_dance #entry_free #bangalore
YourWall.TwinklingCube2017/08/30 @ 11:47
so swwt
nicely composed, written, singed & video-graphed
song no. 183, under youtube music album " Music I love 3 "
#swwt_song #YourWallTwinklingCube #singing

Song: Vachinde | Movie: Fidaa | Banner: Sri Venkateswara Creations | Producer: Dil Raju | Director: Shekar Kammula
Casting: Varun Tej, Sai Pallavi | Music: Shakthikanth Karthick
Singers: Madhu Priya, Ramky | Lyrics: Suddala Ashok Teja | Additional Vocals: Sindhuri | Harmonium: Biju | Rhythm: Shruthiraj | Sitar: Kishore | Programmed by: Santhosh SP
Mixed by A.L.Thukkaram and J.Maheshwaran | Mastered by Shadab Rayeen | Choreographer: Sekhar Master
Vachinde Song With Lyrics | Fidaa Songs | Varun Tej, Sai Pallavi | Sekhar Kammula | Shakti Kanth
Watch & Enjoy Vachinde Song With Lyrics from Fidaa Latest Movie. Starring Varun Tej, Sai Pallavi, Music composed by Shakthikanth Karthick, Directed by Shekar...