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The Voice Kids Audition (bangalore)

The Voice Kids Audition (bangalore) going to happen tomorrow .. interested Parents read further .. or forward to whom it may require .. .. #YourWallTwinklingCube #theVoiceKids #bangalore #India #6to14years

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It's Your Group (mandatory proof : email id) SUBMIT & SHARE to inspire others your art / Craft / photography / MUSIC work ( 3.5 years to 109 years, more focused will be given to Kids and teens). or Get Inspired to make your mark who can join >> 1. Kids and Teens (will be more focused) 2. 3.5 years to 109 years (anyone) 3. Any Parents / Teacher / Coordinator are welcome to join 'Yourwall-TwinklingCube' group but post only which can relate Kids & Teens work.
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I am feeling sense (tempo & tone) from my feet Do you feel? Watch her Deaf Singer 'Mandy Harvey' Make me weep (Kushi ke Aasoon, being happy ), how swwt 🎼🌟💖🎵🎹🎤🎻🎷🌱✨. Though she is DEAF but Fantastically played and singed … MuST WaTcH America's Got Talent & Mandy Harvey #Deaf_Singer #YourWallTwinklingCube #Dont_Give_up
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worth to watch ( you can skip and see But message to the society is ultimate ) love what you do #ladies #be_bold
just got in the fb walls of Aniket
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ABP News
देखिए, झाड़ूवाली 'हिरोइन' की मिस्ट्री का सच
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Krvishal Tdt2017/06/03 @ 19:19
Join us
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FB Video Post - 69 (कवर by जयत्र शर्मा ) मेरे सपनों की रानी, कब आयेगी तू आयी रुत मस्तानी, कब आयेगी तू, #Meresapnokirani #Meresapnokiranikishorekumar #Meresapnokiraniaaradhana #MeresapnokiraniRajeshKhanna #Meresapnokiranicover #MeresapnokiranicoverbyJaitraSharma #JaitraSharma #JaitraSharmasong

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#HappyFathersDay #Happy_Parentsday #all_language
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Yakshagana Performance by Anamika ShaNi
#Yakshagana #karnataka_culture #himmela #visual_art #be_tradational
about Dance ' Yakshagana' : This theatre style is mainly found in Tulunadu and some parts of Malenadu region of Karnataka and Kerala, India. it is traditionally presented from dusk to dawn & will run all night. It is popular in the districts of Dakshina Kannada, Kasaragod, Udupi, Uttara Kannada and Shimoga. it can be compaired to wastern opera.
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Blues live
YourWall.TwinklingCube was live.2017/06/16 @ 9:47
With N. V. Raghuram ( senior & founder if swami Vivekananda yoga anushandhana )
@shree Krishna wellness
#befit #yoga
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🎵🎷🎻🎤dynamic voice 🎼 Jyotica Tangri
Aadat Nahi Tum Bin | Jyotica Tangri | Rishabh Srivastava | Specials by Zee Music Co.
Specials by Zee Music Company presents Aadat Nahi Tum Bin sung by Jyotica Tangri. Song - Aadat Nahi Tum Bin Singer – Jyotica Tangri Music Composer - Rishabh ...