Congrates Vaidehi for Google Doodle Awards for 14th Nov. 2014 - -

Beautiful illustration of Assam and their culture by Vaidehi Reddy

Congrates Vaidehi for Google Doodle Awards on 14 November 2014 ✿✿✿✿✿ & Happy Birthday to You

Such a beautiful illustration of Assam and their culture.

“I am the National Winner”  … by Vaidehi Reddy

to see in-depth details & big photo of art work <click here>

Google theme : a place in India I wish to visit

Work : Concept, Visualisation, Art & Colouring

Time taken : 3 days

Idea / Inspiration : Northeast – Assam’s Culture, she visit Assam in 2011

Kids name : Vaidehi Reddy

Kids age : 14+

Class : 9th

Parent’s name  / Coordinator / Teacher: <updating soon>

Award : received Google Doodle award for Children day ’14th Nov 2014′

Event organised by : Google in name of Doodle 4 Google

School Name : Army Public school, Pune (India)

T’cube Notes : she is interested in Arts since the Age of 3 years

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