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Teaser 'MESSAGE To PARENTS' by Kids & teens -- on Twinkling Cube

Teaser ‘MESSAGE To PARENTS’ by Kids & teens — on Twinkling Cube

do you know How many people come for acting in Mumbai?

Question mark - do you knowDo you know How many people comes for acting in Mumbai?

Roughly 30,000 New people coming to become actor every day (a word from Sajid Khan; Director)

… means 1,09,50,000 new talent every year.


most imp. is that 99% will fail to become Actor.

Here I don’t want to say that don’t go to Mumbai for Acting. My mean to say Work hard to give your best to become Actor . . . and sure you will do your best.

Pineapple.. must eat & Cut [healthy Reading+video]

But do you know how easy to CUT with Decoration [see 3 exclusive video]
Healthy Facts: Prevents cancer, improve digestion, improve immune power, heal wounds, reduce risk of arthritis, Cataract Prevention, improve bone strength, improve energy in body, reduce stress & many more . . …

love is not about money & facility .. it’s all about how you care personally

love is not about money & facility .. it’s all about how you care personally .. usmile

Video : on Mom-Daughter Relationships by Incredible India

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Knowing is not only key to Success and happiness .. Doing is the right way to go Ahead.

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If you can imagine it, you can create it. If you can dream it, y

Screen Time ‘ TV / mobile / computer ‘, Guidelines for Children and Youth / teen

Reducing Screen time will not only help your kids to enjoy & explore more but simulates Kid / Teen Brain to more smarter. Yes, without giving any extra memory boost medicines or tonic.

see below table ” Technology Use Guidelines for children and youth

Developmental Age How Much? Non-violent TV Hand held devices Non-violent video games Violent video games Online violent video games and/or pornography
0-2 years none never never never never never
3-5 years 1 hour/day Yes never never never never
6-12 years 2 hours/day Yes never never never never
13-18 years 2 hours/day Yes Yes limit to 30 minutes/day limit to 30 minutes/day never

by Cris Rowan, pediatric occupational therapist and Dr. Andrew Doan, neuroscientist and Dr. Hilarie Cash, Director of reSTART Internet Addiction Recovery Program with contribution from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Canadian Pediatric Society in an effort to ensure sustainable futures for all children.

Art, Craft, Photography is only few things where we know Kids .

Don’t forget, must give his / her fun & play time for 45 minutes to 60 minutes  (every day) to make the best combination of their routine.

more the interaction (Touch, Feel, Hear, Movement)  is more sharp his / her memory will be ..

Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere

Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.
― Albert Einstein

but at any point of time you should be expert in both (Imagination & Logic) to make yourself more productive. So you must imagine to create new but at same time add a logic to get your imagination into reality (or existence). Even Einstein did same.

read & learn from wikipedia in Simple english

Wikipedia logo simple english

Do you know how to read & learn from Wikipedia in Simple English See link : … go ahead and search “Mountain” link

Good for : Students ( kids / Teen) & Teacher, Trainer

t’cube advise : if in case information or knowledge is not found what you are looking for, TRY full mode of Wikipedia ‘i.e.’ or any other best places you know

Are you (mom/dad & kid) techie . …Love (♥) Gadget . . …

is in your family always using various GADGET ( TV / smart mobiles / computers / iPad / Microsoft surface / android tablets) for Entertaining & Engaging?

If yes .. Read further

Take care of the following things 1 > is You or Your Kid siting on right posture. t’cube > correct the Posture of You or Your Kids .. To avoid neck pain. 2 > is You or Your Kid is keep changing games when difficulty comes. t’cube > encourage them to improve on challenges & difficulties … I mean not let them skip or quit when game become more difficult. They should learn the real life methodology, in real world there is no skipping. & same time Game Rule must be explained in prior to play.

3 > while entertaining from online video (youtube / vimeo / dailymotion etc…) is your kids is watching which he/she should not be (as per their age)…. t’cube > watching Good things in online is good only if it not distracting to other things. Online advertisement (in youtube / vimeo / dailymotion etc…) playing between your actual video is not filtered as per age. They plays on the base of popularity & No. of user watching at that moment. SO, I felt it’s better you make them prepare to handle situation and always have a close watch when kids is watching. 4 > still if you felt something is missing .. Just leave comment (we will update along with contributor)

Gadget not only killing their Social, Personal & Creative Skills but also giving a negative expression on their Health and Emotion.

So Don’t forget to read How to control Online /offline games . . … is it good for kids (10 lines)

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Art, Craft, Photography is only few things where we know Kids . . …

Art, Craft, Photography is only few things where we know Kids can Enjoy – Explore – Innovate more
.. So let’s give more opportunity to kids to connect each other. – usmile