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let me know what special made this republic day? be #ART, #MUSIC #CRAFT or …

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MESSAGE To PARENTS by Kids and Teens Exclusive on Twinkling Cube

these Snap of kids written in hand itself worth to express in very Simple Terms relating you all, personally… Some are hard to digest, Some of them even missed when you are not there or care.. #PositiveParenting [see inside]

Sean, a 8y+ Korean boy Singing guitar Beautifully on song Last Christmas [see Video]

Sean, a 8y+ korean boy Beautifully Singing Guitar on song Last Christmas [by wham] .. you can’t miss & enjoy Christmas eve with him …

How a positive opportunity can make your kid more smarter [read & View]

how an positive opportunity can make your kid more smarter than others… Yes a 3 year kid ‘Brielle’ knows Periodic Table … Soon going to cross 50 million (5 Crore) views

Beautiful story for kids [Video]: Care who care you, Happiness comes from giving ..

beautiful story for kids: Care who care you, Happiness comes from giving and sharing to others.. usmile

Video : on 51 year old Classical picture books by Shel Silverstein

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Tanu ( Taniskha Sanghvi ) Sweet voice in song Laadki

Choti Tanu; Sweet Child with Sweet Voice … her voice given a charm to whole Music video. See, Feel & Share. From the song they tried to explore the beautiful relationship journey of Father-daughter Lyrics by Mother (Priya Saraiya) & Composed & Arranged by Sachin-Jigardon’t miss Video & t’cube Must Know

t’cube Must Know : See below to know imp. facts to understand why you (as a parents) encourage child.

for mobile click this for video : http://goo.gl/t8hu6x

Must Know

Priya Saraiya (mother) had started her lyrical writing journey at the Age of 6. Sachin Sangavi (Father) had started at the Age of 6 with learning Hindustani classical vocals. not enjoyed well but ROJA changed his life to music Industry. Now Tanu is a beautiful mix of both of them … am sure she will do wonder at latter stage of life…

t’cube : trying to give some imp. facts to understand why you (as a parents) encourage child. message to Kids and Teens : don’t get addicted to adulterated drinks

Still best to see & learn from ‘Laadki’ – Behind The Music – Sachin-Jigar

for mobile click this for video : http://goo.gl/en3iZt

Whole Team

Composed & Arranged by Sachin-Jigar Lyrics – Priya Saraiya Singers -Taniskha Sanghvi, Kirtidan Gadhvi, Rekha Bhardwaj Guitar – Kalyan Baruah Drums – Lindsay D’mello Piano – Rinku Rajput Bass – Jaidep Thirumalai Strokes – Tapas Roy Woodwinds and Gloken bells – Shirish Malhotra Dhol – Ahmed Kanwra & Sajid Kanwra Shehnai – Omkar Dhumal Ravanhatta – Iqbal Warsi Percussion – Naitik Nagda Dholak – Naeem Chorus – Ronkini, Priya Saraiya

Lyrics (Laadki) in Gujarati

Dori yeh khinchi dori Palne ki tune mori Mere sapno ko jhulaya sari raat Bhale bagiya teri chhodi Bhale nindiyan teri chori Bass itti si yaad tu rakhiyo meri baat Teri laadki main… Teri laadki main… Teri laadki main chhodungi na tera haath Ho… Ho… Mari laadki… O re o parevada tu kaale udi jaaj re Mari haathu rahi jaa ne aaj ni raat Aambli ne peepdi (2) Joshe tari vaat re Bheda madi karshu ame fariyaad Mari laadki ne… Khamma ghani Mari dikri ne… Khamma ghani Mari laadki re e nanakdi phari jhaali le maro haath Mari laadki re… e meethudi ame joshu tari vaat Babul more babul more Itni si araj mori sun le Teri laadki main Rahoongi teri laadli main Kitni bhi door main tose chahe rahoon Zara aanch bhi jo Kabhi aati thi mohe Bhar jaati thi ankhiyan teri jaane hai tu Phir aisa bhi kya tera mujhse bair Aisa bhi kya tera mujhse bair Kar parayi tune mukh liya kyun pher Pass hi apne rakh le kuchh der Udd jaayega paakhi hote hi saver Teri laadki main… Teri laadki main… Teri laadki main chhodungi na tera haath Khamma ghani tune khamma ghani Mari ladakdi ne khamma ghani

Lyrics (Laadki) in english

My Darling Daughter You swayed the string, You swayed the string of my cradle You let my dreams swing-along all night long Even though I left your courtyard Even though I caused you sleepless nights I want you to remember my word I am your darling daughter I am your darling daughter I am your darling daughter; I’ll always be there for you. Oh! My darling daughter Oh my little birdie, fly away tomorrow Just be by my side for tonight Even the Tamarind and the Peepal tree Will await your return On behalf of all of them, I appeal Many Blessing to you my darling daughter Many Blessing to you my little girl I wish you could go back in time, be my little girl And hold my hand one more time. My darling daughter My sweet child, I’m awaiting your return. My Dear Dad, If you can please listen to my plea I am your darling daughter I’ll always remain your darling daughter, No matter the distance in between. Even if it was a little scratch, You know your eyes welled up in pain Then what came between the two of us? That you turned your back towards me Let me just be around you for a little more time I’m going to fly away at the dusk of the very next day. I am your darling daughter I am your darling daughter

missing chord is added to Twinkling cube .. yes it’s lvly music

we just added a missing chord in Twinkling cube .. yes dear all, it’s Music .. not able to apart Rhythm from Art, Craft and photography.

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our 100th unbiased like was with little different .. and awesome artist ‘tanbir’

So here is the celebration of the 1st 100th unbiased likes by a beautiful artist ‘tanbir’ from #westbengal.

and I respect all 99 people who have liked and kept this #project #live and #going .. this just the #beginning of the story .. lot more still we have to do for kids and teens & without you and all it will be incomplete. Be with us

.. looking to connect more people to make a wonderful team & give strength and project as one of national pride ..

take a look of Tanvir’s art, how you all feel >>

Budding Song Artist Disha Prasad (just 9+)

Meet A lovely small Sweet Singer ‘Disha Prasad, 9+’ with very sweet voice ..
Lyrics by Daughter (Disha) & improved by his Father (Dharma) …don’t miss

for mobile click this for video : http://goo.gl/WOfWZW
Follow Her here

Lyrics (Rainbow) –> 

Rainbow rainbow in the sky
Please tell me why you die?

Why do you die every evening,
Are you hurt in your face;
I will stitch your wounds by sewing,
Then, you can come to race!

Death is not an end,
But just another beginning;
I know you have a bend,
That is why you come back shining!

You are everyone’s friend,
Not just a passing trend

Rainbow rainbow in the sky
Please tell me why you die?

Everyone’s favourite colour is,
In your brightly coloured face;
But nobody knows why,
You don’t come in every single place!

You have so many colours,
Why don’t you show it all;
Why do you disappear?
When rain is at stall!

Why are you only seven,
Why not eight, nine or ten

Rainbow rainbow in the sky
Please tell me why you die?

Why don’t you come in dark,
But only in the day;
What is your major mark,
Cans or grains or hay!

Why do you always come,
When there is water and sun;
Why don’t you always come,
Like a baker’s bakery bun!

Do you have a name,
Come let’s play a game

Rainbow rainbow in the sky
Please tell me why you die?

-by Disha and Dharma

Music Composed by : Robin, M3Entertainments

Happy Children Day 2014

Happy Children Day … from twinkling Cube

Happy Children Day to all kids & their parents / teacher / school
from TwinklingCube.com