Peacock, Flower vase, Sunset & River bank by Sai Veekshita

Peacock, Flower vase, Sunrise & River bank by Sai Veekshita

Subject : Peacock, Flower vase, Sunrise & River bank by Sai Veekshita

Work : Art & Colouring

Kids name : Sai Veekshita

Kids age : 11+

Class : 6th

Parent’s name  / Coordinator / Teacher: Hamsini Vinnakota & V.k.gupta

School Name : Ryan international school, Bangalore.

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  1. v.hamsini says:

    Hi twinkling cube
    Thank you for liking my daughter’s drawings..I appreciate your idea of your wall wherein you can showcase the talent of kids and share the views for the same..nice initiative..keep up the great work.I wish twinkling cube great success!!!All the best!!!once again thank you:)

    • Twinkling Cube says:

      You are welcome :) thanks for liking us. do keep submitting more work of her as soon as she create.
      AND Help US to connect more Kids, Teens via Parents / Teacher / Coordinator / Self / School.


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