Chitra Santhe 2016 Most talked & an inexpensive Indian Art Gallery

an inexpensive Indian Art Gallery with NO Commission .. is not so beautiful .. watch amazing Indian Artists. Looks whole road is getting converted to beautiful artistic wall, looks we shouldn’t miss a single thing BUT … keep reading and see 1200++ ART Work snaps to create your’s … enjoy-Share-spread love to us .. .. .

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Happy Women's Day by

our 100th unbiased like was with little different .. and awesome artist ‘tanbir’

So here is the celebration of the 1st 100th unbiased likes by a beautiful artist ‘tanbir’ from #westbengal.

and I respect all 99 people who have liked and kept this #project #live and #going .. this just the #beginning of the story .. lot more still we have to do for kids and teens & without you and all it will be incomplete. Be with us

.. looking to connect more people to make a wonderful team & give strength and project as one of national pride ..

take a look of Tanvir’s art, how you all feel >>

Budding Song Artist Disha Prasad (just 9+)

Meet A lovely small Sweet Singer ‘Disha Prasad, 9+’ with very sweet voice ..
Lyrics by Daughter (Disha) & improved by his Father (Dharma) …don’t miss

for mobile click this for video :
Follow Her here

Lyrics (Rainbow) –> 

Rainbow rainbow in the sky
Please tell me why you die?

Why do you die every evening,
Are you hurt in your face;
I will stitch your wounds by sewing,
Then, you can come to race!

Death is not an end,
But just another beginning;
I know you have a bend,
That is why you come back shining!

You are everyone’s friend,
Not just a passing trend

Rainbow rainbow in the sky
Please tell me why you die?

Everyone’s favourite colour is,
In your brightly coloured face;
But nobody knows why,
You don’t come in every single place!

You have so many colours,
Why don’t you show it all;
Why do you disappear?
When rain is at stall!

Why are you only seven,
Why not eight, nine or ten

Rainbow rainbow in the sky
Please tell me why you die?

Why don’t you come in dark,
But only in the day;
What is your major mark,
Cans or grains or hay!

Why do you always come,
When there is water and sun;
Why don’t you always come,
Like a baker’s bakery bun!

Do you have a name,
Come let’s play a game

Rainbow rainbow in the sky
Please tell me why you die?

-by Disha and Dharma

Music Composed by : Robin, M3Entertainments

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