Respect for the Aged Day

Details : read more at Respect for the Aged Day, (a respectful Japanese event you must know)

More : <updating soon>

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Next occurrence : 18th Sep 2017

India is Celebrating as a National Grandparents Day [click me to see more info]

MESSAGE To PARENTS by Kids and Teens Exclusive on Twinkling Cube

these Snap of kids written in hand itself worth to express in very Simple Terms relating you all, personally… Some are hard to digest, Some of them even missed when you are not there or care.. #PositiveParenting [see inside]

Good morning All with & sweet Girl Tanvi

Teaser 'MESSAGE To PARENTS' by Kids & teens -- on Twinkling Cube

Teaser ‘MESSAGE To PARENTS’ by Kids & teens — on Twinkling Cube

Write a letter on ‘MESSAGE To PARENTS’ by Kids and Teens

'MESSAGE To PARENTS' by Kids and Teens -- by Twinkling Cube

‘MESSAGE To PARENTS’ by Kids and Teens — by Twinkling Cube

Hi Interested parents…
We are Publishing ‘ MESSAGE To PARENTS ‘ (must be written by Kids & Teens, keep it unbiased)
Submit in his handwriting (snap & send)
with Kids Name, Kids Age, Parents Name, Class, School Name & Mobile Number
ON ‘’
& WhatsApp to me on 9241615675
Imp: Parents Name, Mobile No. & School Name will not be published ( only for communication)
Submission DEADLINE: 16/01/2016
Who can Submit: Kids, Teens, Parents, Play School, Teacher, Education Researcher, National & International School
& WhatsApp to me on 9241615675

‘India’s gift to the world’ doodle 4 google 2011 was designed by 7yrs girl Varsha Gupta

‘India’s gift to the world’ winner of doodle 4 google | designed by 7yrs. Varsha Gupta; She was inspired by Nani Ji’s Instrument

to see in-depth details & big photo of art work, Short video (on how she did) <click here>

Google theme : India’s gift to the world

Work : Concept, Visualisation, Art & Colouring

Time taken : <updating soon>

Idea / Inspiration : Indian Musical Instruments from Nani ji’s house

Kids name : Varsha Gupta

Kids age : 7+

Class : 3rd

Parent’s name  / Coordinator / Teacher: Hotilal Gupta, google & her mother

Award : received Google Doodle award for Children day ’14th Nov 2011′

Event organised by : Google in name of Doodle 4 Google

School Name : Ryan International School, Greater Noida (India)

T’cube Notes : She was inspired by Nani Ji’s (Grand Parents) lovely Instrument & decorated google with ‘Indian Band Trumpets’ ,  ‘Ghungroo’ , ‘Veena’ , ‘Shehnai’

Do you want your Kid or Teen to inspire others … SUBMIT your Art / Design / Craft / Photography work
(let’s begin a positive improvement for their future)

Want to get inspired by other kids or Teen! … visit
WANT to inspire other … submit your work at

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