missing chord is added to Twinkling cube .. yes it’s lvly music

we just added a missing chord in Twinkling cube .. yes dear all, it’s Music .. not able to apart Rhythm from Art, Craft and photography.

& now it will be part of our Facebook Group …. so keep submitting your Kids-Teens music work apart from Art / Craft / Photography work

Note:- we will also try to help you to connect your kids – Teens to other places (India / World) where they can explore to create his dream at best. See Below You Tube Channel

sing a song and go very long ... usmile

Our You Tube channel — Learn Music from TwinklingCube & Your’s Eyes (open learning resources)

get inspiredinspire us & real practice .. and share with us offline – online or via email …
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>> message for you – Go ahead believe in doing not just seeing <<

you can submit your inspiring link to us we will add channel with your credit .. ultimate goal to serve to all new learner.