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we are social … a lovely inspiring poster developed … ready to sell or even customize for you we are sure you all will like it the way it is expressed here. message for you : ” be social not just online but offline too. talk to next people or neighbour not just on Facebook / Whatsapp / Twitter / Instagram / Pinterest …”

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Peacock, Flower vase, Sunset & River bank by Sai Veekshita

Peacock, Flower vase, Sunrise & River bank by Sai Veekshita

Subject : Peacock, Flower vase, Sunrise & River bank by Sai Veekshita

Work : Art & Colouring

Kids name : Sai Veekshita

Kids age : 11+

Class : 6th

Parent’s name  / Coordinator / Teacher: Hamsini Vinnakota & V.k.gupta

School Name : Ryan international school, Bangalore.

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