let me know what special made this republic day? be #ART, #MUSIC #CRAFT or …

Let me know what special made this republic day? be #ART, #MUSIC #CRAFT or #FoodART #Recycled #Upcycled #ARTPhotography
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Inspiring & Useful Upcycled Sauce Bottle

One day I was thinking to reuse the Sauce Bottle as a Water Bottle … I did not thought how beautiful It looks (after creation). Have a look (see slider).

Even it’s easy to use & clean in busy daily life ..

for material and Process read below


  • Poly rubber (also know as Japanese  rubber)
    • I inch diameter  (if possible; hard / tight enough to stick with bottle)
    • 5 to 6 packets
    • Colour : Mixed colour
  • Used Sauce bottle (I used glass type)
  • Cleaning agent ( anything you like)

Making process

  • Step 1 : Clean used Sauce bottle, using cleaning agent.
  • Step 2 : Let it get dried.
  • Step 3 : Open packet of Poly rubber and fix it as you want. I used random order with mix of colours.

Let me know how you made it . . …