Peace art work by Shravya manjunath

Art timeline of shravya manjunath; a google doodle 2012 group 2 winner

Art timeline of Shravya Manjunath; a google doodle 2012 group 2 winner | submission received by Shravya Manjunath (via email)

Subjects: 1. Contrast painting, 2. Water pollution, 3. My D4G journey (doodle 4 google 2012 journey), 4. T shirt by my art on doodle 4 google 2012 5. Energy conservation 6. Flower & butterfly 7. Funky painting ‘Gangam’, 8. Ganesha, 9. Peace, 10. village scenery painting, 11. Natural water canal, 12. Food management, 13. beautiful women, 14. Feeding bird, 15. google 4 doodle 2014 submission (hunting the hidden beauties) 16. National colour contest (2009, Kalabharati Child Art Institute)

to see in-depth details & big photo of art work <click here>

Work : Concept, Visualisation, Art & Colouring

Idea / Inspiration : Nature, Craft, Culture & Family

Kids name : Shravya Manjunath

Kids age : 13+

Class : 8th

Parent’s name  / Coordinator / Teacher: Manjunath.D.N & Latha Manjunath

Award : received Google Doodle award for Children day ’14th Nov 2012′ & many more

School Name : Mitra Academy, Bangalore

T’cube Notes : she is interested in Arts since the Age of 7 years

Parent’s notes : interested in art since last 5 years. Has also been participating in national and state level competitions like doodle4google, lions club international peace poster contest, drawing competitions organised by ministry of water and energy resources, Fevicol science project challenge, Kalabharati Child Art Institute (Aurangabad) and many more …

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