Chitra Santhe 2016 Most talked & an inexpensive Indian Art Gallery

Most talked & an inexpensive Art Gallery on the road of the Bangalore happened in a place popularly known as ‘Kumara krupa Road – Chowdaiah Road to Shivananda Circle’.  :)
Yes even CM official home is same path.. Beautiful was that some people are selling in front of the gate too.

Whole Street looks Connecting People’s Sole to paper in form of colours & road is getting converted to beautiful Artistic Wall, looks we shouldn’t miss a single thing BUT time is quite less to see all. You really need to be very sharp eyes to catch as much as you can.

This year it was in rich of people behavior/relationship, Indian traditions along with modern, fashion and other illustrations

Few Artistic data to understand what’s going here

Few Artistic data to understand what’s going on in CHITRA SANTHE… have a look

Artist attended (3rd Jan 2016, 13th Chitra santhe) : 1175
Artist attended (LAST year|4th Jan 2015, 12th Chitra santhe) : 1250 (approx.)

  • Reason of being less this year than previous
    • Less due to Photography & Digital Art is not included this time
    • they actually tried to maintain more quality work than last year ( In direct interaction with organiser ).

Transaction (3rd Jan 2016, 13th Chitra santhe) : 3.73 crore (approx.)
Transaction (LAST year|4th Jan 2015, 12th Chitra santhe) : 3.0 Crore (approx.)
Visitors (3rd Jan 2016, 13th Chitra santhe) : 4 lakh people (approx.)
Visitors (LAST year|4th Jan 2015, 12th Chitra santhe) : 4 lakh people (approx.)

Good thing :)

Good thing :

  1. they don’t require any commission after sale of your art
  2. Huge crowd to see & purchase your work
  3. Comes under Central Business District (CBD) of Bangalore
  4. 1 people accommodation is available for registered people
  5. Most participated people are from karnataka. Rest others are from all over India even some are from abroad too.
  6. Good attraction for Art Buyers, Art Collectors, getting inspired
  7. … leave your comment add more about it.

It was inaugurated by Home Minister G Parameshwar & At inauguration only he Purchased Rahul Sharma’s (from Uttar Pradesh) Painting worth of Rs. 95000

CKP Contact information

Contact information
If you want to participate do keep watch Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath
Mostly form last date will be 30th November
Chitra Santhe will be happening every year on 1st Sunday of the January
Contact on 080-22261816 / 080-22263424 / 9980940300
Google Map location : CKP

The Best thing I like to say about Chitra Santhe is, it’s not only for high paid Artist BUT it’s for everyone. need not require much money to exhibit your work.

Thanks enjoy gallery of 1200+ artwork with one thing keep in mind. Don’t misuse art or snap .. Care as best you can with a credit to Artists or link
All Art work and Character is copyrighted to their respective owners. so if sharing add their name or mention the source will be more respected.

And special thanks for the photo from Manu, Avninash, Tarun, Vijaypal, Sathish, Priety, Pradeep, Vinod, Gaurav, sudeesh, krvishal, Nitesh, Channa, Vishal, Sandeep, Deepa, Debo, Gopal, Prashanth, Vikram, Manjunath, Poojitha, Bhrath, Tejas, Praveen, Manisman, Vishwanath, charu, Sathish Kumar, Scarlet Vish & all others.

1200++ ART Work Gallery [see End Page]

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