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Yes a 3 year kid ‘Brielle’ knows Periodic Table

[Read below Conversation & See video to understand why]

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I never teach my pupils. I only attempt to provide the conditionImp :- Think But Don’t assume all kids can grab same as other. Each one is UNIQUE in his/her own way & need to handle accordingly. So give Your Child a Positive Environment as per their need.

Q : when did she started to learn?
A : 6 months back as per Mother’s voice .. Roughly April 2015 (mother’s voice), when we (parent’s) gave periodic table flash card.
Q : Did you learns by self, did you know reading (asked by Ellen)?
A : No I can’t read words or letter But I learn from the words that taught by my parents.
Q : is She is so Quick?
A: yes (Mother’s voice), she learns very fast then what we thought.

Video : from The Ellen Show on Youtube & Facebook

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