MuSic muSIC Sirf 5 Rupye me .. Jaldi jaldi … Fir Nahi Milega Next Station Pe

100 ‘Music I love’ you can’t resist to listen .. It’s our bet
101 is devoted to all Time favourite … Yes Latha Ji

Be Classical or Gajal or Folk or mix of New media ..
Be English or Hindi or any other language of India..
only one thing we can say you will love the most if not this then sure for next one…

to Chale Ho Jaye Garma Garam Music ish Rangeen Shaam Ke Naste Me.. kaya kahte ho aap log… :)

Aaj Subh Subh hi Ek ART Banaya The ‘Jugnoo ka Junoon.. ‘ you know Singing Jugnoo… Are yaar Jugnoo mean Firefly & Amazingly BEST Part is that JUNOON word added by Our lovely son. :)

Yes, Just completed 100 List of Love on Song after very long time which includes Our Personal touch and feeling on Music i Love Kind of taste. This for the Music lover & Fans .. don’t be hungry come have lunch with us. Going to take you another world for sure….

So Aap Log Musical Nasta Karne Ke Liye Tayar Hai

though we are creative and want to make our upcoming India more Creative & talkative
So if you have talent want to showcase Just send your Video (recorded in your Way) or just upload from your place and send link to see

See below Video ‘Music I love

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